Carmack HVAC, Inc. works with home and business owners in Washington County, Utah to provide heating repair, installation, and innovative, money-saving solutions. If your furnace needs an annual servicing to prepare for winter, we offer maintenance as well.

We work with suppliers such as Carrier, Aladdin, and TempStar. Radiant, hydronic, and geothermal systems all have significant benefits—we’ll help you find the best type for your home’s size, location, and your lifestyle. If you are building a home and need a brand new system installed, Carmack HVAC, Inc. will complete every step of the process from measurements and estimates to follow up visits. We also work with homeowner’s insurance claims to offer full system replacement after damage to your home from a fire or natural disaster.

If your furnace isn’t warming your home enough—or at all—Carmack HVAC, Inc. can make the repairs you need fast. Whether the problem is with the thermostat, fan, switch supervisory unit, breaker box, or pilot light, our expert team can fix it. Sometimes, it’s a matter of simply resetting the power or relighting the pilot light, which takes only a few minutes. For more extensive repairs, we will examine your furnace and provide you with an estimate. Repairs are then scheduled as soon as possible. We are experienced with locating the correct parts through our manufacturers quickly so you can go back to enjoying a warm home environment.

Carmack HVAC, Inc. in Santa Clara, Utah offers preventative maintenance services on a one-time basis or a seasonal schedule. We recommend an inspection at least once a year. Every one to three months, your filter should be changed, or cleaned once a year if you have a washable filter. We’ll let you know if your filter is overdue to be changed, and can also clean the fan blades, oil the motor shaft if needed, and look for any other minor repairs, making recommendations to help you avoid serious repairs down the road.

For prompt and reliable heating services in the Washington County area, Contact Carmack HVAC, Inc.

Service Area: Washington Co and Surrounding Areas (Santa Clara, St. George, Washington) Phone: 435-688-2885 [email protected]