Some Of The Services We Provide

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Carmack HVAC, Inc. offers the business and homeowners of Washington County, Utah several services for their heating and cooling systems:

New Installations

Whether you need a heating or air conditioning unit for a newly constructed home or business, or an old unit needs replacing, we offer new installations of name brand HVAC products. From measurements of the area and assessments to follow-up visits, Carmack HVAC will work with you throughout the process.

Replacement of Existing Equipment

If you need to replace a small component, major part, or your entire heating or cooling unit, Carmack HVAC, Inc. replaces existing equipment. We work with radiant, hydronic, geothermal, and other types of heating systems and can change the type of system as needed. When it comes to cooling your home, we can replace your air conditioning system, whether you already have central air or currently use window units.

Residential and Commercial New Construction

Carmack HVAC, Inc. knows there are additional factors to consider when installing heating and cooling in newly constructed homes or businesses. Rather than working with existing ventilation, insulation, and units, a new building needs all of these created to work together to heat and cool efficiently. Our experienced installers continually collaborate with builders to determine the needs of each individual home, office building, warehouse, or other structure.

Service and Repair

Carmack HVAC, Inc. offers regular service appointments and any type of repair needed for residential and commercial buildings. Whether you need a simple cleaning of the unit or extensive repairs, we can complete the job.

Duct Cleaning

Cleaning your air ducts can provide better air quality and higher efficiency for your heating and cooling systems. If anyone in your household suffers from environmental allergies, you see dust or mold, or experience a musty odor; your air ducts may need to be cleaned. Carmack HVAC, Inc. cleans forced air system ducts, with vacuum equipment that exhausts particles out of your home. The process dislodges dust and disposes of it. We will protect your carpet and furniture during this service to keep all debris off of your other surfaces. You’ll notice a difference as soon as we complete our air duct cleaning service.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryers are used often, and over time, the vent gets clogged with fabric fibers, lint, and dust. Carmack HVAC, Inc. will clean your dryer vents so your clothes dry faster and your dryer lasts longer. Using specialized brushes and vacuums, we will have your vent clean again in one short appointment.

Remote Access to Thermostat

We can set up your heating and cooling system with remote thermostat access. Using a Smartphone app, small remote, or both, you’ll be able to turn down the heat or turn up your air conditioning setting to save on energy costs when you’re not home. Contact us for more information.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

If your home or business requires custom sheet metal fabrication for your air conditioning or heating unit, Carmack HVAC, Inc. offers this to our customers. From fans to air ducts, ventilation and more, we can cut and shape the metal parts you need to get the most out of your home or business environment.


We also work with any ventilation system to clean and repair them, install new systems, or redesign your vents to fit remodeled buildings. If you’re looking to improve the airflow in your home or business, call Carmack HVAC, Inc. to go over customized options for your space.

Service Area: Washington Co and Surrounding Areas (Santa Clara, St. George, Washington) Phone: 435-688-2885 [email protected]