Air Conditioning

air conditioning units

Carmack HVAC, Inc. works with home and business owners in Santa Clara, St. George, and Washington to provide air conditioning services. This includes the installation of units for newly constructed homes, replacement installations, minor and major repairs, and servicing.

Our team of experts trusts brands such as Aladdin and Carrier to provide the best quality, highest efficiency air conditioning units. We begin the installation process with an assessment of the cooling needs for your home—square footage, the airflow of your ventilation system, types of windows and doors, and other key factors. Carmack HVAC, Inc. will help you select a unit that will cool your home efficiently, fit your budget, and work for your lifestyle. If you need a replacement unit or are considering an upgrade from your current air conditioning system, we’ll work with you to increase the comfort level and air quality in your home.

Whether you want to take care of a minor repair before summer starts, or your unit malfunctions in Utah’s July heat, Carmack HVAC, Inc. will make minor or major repairs to any AC unit. From adding more coolant or replacing a leaking hose to repairing the compressor or fan, we’ll arrive as soon as possible after your call to fix the problem. We always offer upfront estimates and let you know if a replacement unit is recommended.

Fast and simple servicing for your air conditioning unit can often save you money by preventing the need for a major repair. Carmack HVAC, Inc. makes one-time or seasonally scheduled service appointments to clean, oil, and test the parts of your air conditioner. We make sure it is working efficiently and if it’s not, our repair experts will suggest the next steps. We keep your home cool and restore a comfortable environment in your home any time of year.

Service Area: Washington Co and Surrounding Areas (Santa Clara, St. George, Washington) Phone: 435-688-2885 [email protected]